Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Life in 15 Photos

A podcast I love galvanized me to "deal with my photo clutter."

Or, at least, get 12-to-six-month's-worth of photos off my phone and posted somewhere.

Going through a year's worth of photos paints a pretty nice picture of my life today. I found this an incredibly comforting exercise. (It's not too late to be your New Year's Resolution, if you're looking for one!)

Here are 15 pictures that capture who I am today:

1. I moved out on my own in the last year. Everything I own fits in like two boxes. Whatever, independence, whee!

2. Moments of Parallel Synchronized Randomness make me smile. Sometimes you park next to the same car, in the same color, with the same dent, just on the opposite side of the back bumper.

3. Sign from a restaurant I frequent. It reminds me how often I switch back-and-forth between Spanish and English in daily life.

4. Preparations for a Lego Robotics program. Work hard, play hard.

5. Working with kids should be silly and fun. So, like, OINK.

6.A ribbon-rose craft discovered with my mom and sister. So many roses!

 7. Pizza with home-grown tomato and basil. My parents' summertime backyard garden is always a treat.

 8. I don't know why a child made this but I love it. Swag Octopus.

9. Coca-cola. The conundrum of my professional life.

I spend half my time leading Nutrition lessons that encourage kids to NEVER drink soda.

And then the other half of my lessons are science/engineering projects, which require plastic 2-liter Coke bottles (ideal for making rockets) or these glass kinds. Bottle openers are Class 2 Levers, and I should let kids experience that, right? Drink soda! Or don't! I don't know!

10. These two pairs of thrift store boots have changed, and really defined, this past autumn and winter for me. THANK YOU THRIFTED BOOTS!

11. My team at work won an award. Recognition is nice!

12. My sister needed a couch. We got her one. Moving it up a flight of stairs was... interesting. But, COUCH!

13. I am surrounded by people who love board games. Even this one about using the London tubes to get places. Rules are learned; competition is fierce.

14. Refreshing New Year's Day hike with a dear friend.

15. Just some light Saturday reading with my love:

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