Monday, June 6, 2016

From my front door I can walk anywhere in the world.

When you live in Central NJ, one of your past-times is complaining about the high cost of living.

Food, car insurance and entertainment are expensive. Rent. Rent is high. (Gas is cheap--which should tell you something.)

One reason cited for high rent where I live is: we're on a train line. Which is true!

So I had the radical idea to... take the train. I can walk to the train station from where I live.

I took it north, to Grove Street, Jersey City, on a late spring day:

Sometimes, on the PATH train, you take out to rhodonite you carry with you.
For compassion and understanding. To keep your heart open.

And I took it South, to Philly, too:

Wine and chocolate for a sister-date.


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