Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Seeking and Finding the Good in Milwaukee, WI

 It's never hard to find good news in Milwaukee. The city looks well, is doing well. I also happen to think I know some of the best people there.

I was in town for a beautiful wedding:

But it was also a treat to be in the city early and catch up with friends.

Good City Brewing had a lovely event on Saturday, where volunteers were given a project maintaining the habitat along walking/jogging/bike trails. Then, treated to lunch and a beer!

Removing invasive species buckthorn:

The Walker's Point/Fifth Ward area had changed greatly since I lived there. I love seeing old factory or tannery buildings preserved, but with new life breathed into them:

Got home yesterday, for New Brunswick Trunk or Treat 2016.

I was the 1989 Joker:

Today is November 1 and my month of travel is over. I am so grateful for the time I spent elsewhere and all of the people I got to spend time with. And yet, it is time to rest and regroup.

Because of the spooky season (and also kind of because this weird thing I wrote was nominated for a Pushcart Prize), I've been thinking about the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles quite a bit. If a vampire in this world is badly burned, or maybe heartbroken, they can go under the ground for maybe 100 years and being in the earth will heal them. They emerge hungry, but whole. (Or if it's a case of brokenhearted vampire feels, they maybe go into a basement and read books without feeding for a century, then come back into the world.) This... sounds pretty good to me for November.

Incidentally, this is my favorite card in the tarot deck:

The Four of Swords is the only Sword that isn't about a battle. It's about rest. I think about this image often.

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