Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016: Inspirational, donut-filled dumpster fire

Image from The Nib
Is 2016 over yet?!

Celebrities die every year, I don't actually think 2016 was remarkable in that way. And yet, I do feel the heightened sensitivity to loss now. (ESPECIALLY regarding Carrie Fisher.) When our childhood icons die, we remember that our own childhoods have ended. (I suggest hanging out with children often throughout life--it reminds you that magic will always live.)

Here is a group of kids really connecting to mindfulness jars, and inspiring me:

I don't want to talk any more about the 2016 presidential election (but I do want you to read this "fake news.") 2017 looms uncertain ahead. I have work to do, to keep others safe and to keep myself sane.

All in all, I feel alert and hopeful and also worn down and God I miss the long days of summer. I  need to rest more, but also I am excited for all I have to learn and do. It's confusing, OK? But the year is ending and here is what I have to show for it:

In 2016, I made a donut-quilt
I have a quilt-mentor. I visit her once a week for a few hours and make one piece at a time. From January 2016-December 2016, I made a donut-themed quilt. It all came together the week before Christmas.

It was a silly project but I also took it seriously. And I am proud. A year ago I didn't know how to do this, and now, look at what I made.

Arty Parties
I also feel lucky to get invited to parties where everyone is instructed, "Bring a text." And then a community copy-and-paste project commences:

"Be joyful though you have considered all the facts."
There is so much to celebrate. This is what holidays with my family are like:
Christmas rum punch

Chocolate-espresso medallion batter and orange-almond shortbread batter

Oh, Hello!
Or when dear friends are home for the holidays, and you celebrate by laughing for 90 minutes straight at Oh Hello! On Broadway:

Sometimes you invent your own holidays. Like Muu-Muu Saturdays. They're real.

I got this muu-muu the same week my clothes started disintegrating. It definitely feels like things are ending.

Top button fell off pants. Held things together for a day with a Rocky Horror pin.

My Mind Holds the Key
Even if my whole wardrobe decomposes right now, my thoughts, my mind would last. (I hope.) I am trying to read more nonfiction and understand the facts of the world. This is a goal I bring with me into 2017.

The quote I liked: [Melvin Calvin] didn't mind being wrong frequently, as long as he was right in the end, when it counted, and he was ceaselessly in search of the novelty that would get him to the final goal. That is the kind of spirit I hope to see in the kiddos I work with.

And sometimes I need to leave my little corner of the world. There is much to discover.

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