Friday, September 1, 2017

Sister Trip to Rehoboth Beach, DE

If 65-degree weather makes you want to sip on pumpkin spice and talk about Anne Rice vampires, boy do I have a vacation to tell you about!

While it was unseasonably rainy, and then sunny but cool, for our mid-week beach adventure, we were reminded that strange weather can't really stop us from doing what we love: checking out art museums, singing along to '80s jams in the car, taking long walks, exploring state parks, and drinking craft beer. Oh, and our hotel had a hot tub. We were fine.

Nice midway stopping point: The Delaware Contemporary art museum in Wilmington, DE.

It seemed like half the museum was under construction for new exhibits, but the two exhibitions I did walk through, I loved.

The "Spiral, Recoil" group exhibition alone is worth a trip to the Delaware Contemporary. The exhibition is curated by Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell and aims to cover the experience of Black American artists. It did indeed spiral into unexpected directions.

I stopped in my tracks to really absorb Jamea Richmond Edwards' "The sugar-icing of Henrietta Lacks," which juxtaposed the real discrimination and hardships Lacks faced in life and the way she has become a household name due to a best-selling work of nonfiction and even an HBO original series starring OPRAH. I had not considered that the title of the exhibit would evoke a strand of DNA or genetic code sequencing, which the cells of Henrietta Lacks eventually led to.

"Behind the Lines" by Ola Rondiak was another impressive exhibit that merged political graffiti, traditional Russian Orthodox iconography, and intimate portrait techniques to give us a look at Ukrainian personal and political identity:

"Together We Stand" by Ola Rondiak
At the Delaware Contemporary until October 15, 2017

And then we were on to Rehoboth!

Here's some perspective: If it had been a 90-degree and sunny day, we never would have hiked through the beautiful Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, DE. That would have been a shame, because we took a 2+ hour walk that began on an overcast morning and watched it clear into a gorgeous day.

Climbing the Overlook in the park: Cannot recommend enough

We did get to enjoy the sunshine, fish tacos and funky shops, the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk and Dogfish Head beer.

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