Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wild West Wednesdays (er, Saturdays)

Welcome to New Jersey's #1 Country Bar: The Colorado Cafe in Watchung, New Jersey!

Let's get one thing out of the way: I did not ride the mechanical bull.

But I did watch others do it for a bit:

The boots came out for this night:

Ladies in plaid:

Line dancing left us all with some questions. How does everyone know all the steps? Or which moves go to which songs? And, why does everybody want to kick my ass?!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Nothing gold can stay. Except for Pac-Man. PAC-MAN IS FOREVER.

It's been unseasonably warm for the last week of September, and I've been keeping the dream of summer alive at the Jersey Shore.

Something we all need now and again is GETTING NOSTALGIC OVER ARCADE GAMES!!!


And then, well, cook. Fresh, green, spicy food. With new and exciting recipes.

Nature's first green is gold, after all.

Food usually makes me happy, but a beloved restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ recently announced it will be closing this week.

So we had to visit and sneak in one last meal at Goldie's. OH THE PISTACHIO GUACAMOLE! HOW WILL I LIVE WITHOUT IT?!

We soothed ourselves with cupcakes. And puns. Confections of a Rock Star in Asbury Park is not to be missed!

Friday, September 19, 2014

House of Words

There’s nothing so special as time spent with grandparents. My memories of this side of the family are tactile—specifically, the joys of reading for hours under an afghan on a brown leather couch.

House of late-night card games, bottomless coffee pots, fully stacked bookshelves. House of print, print, print! Magazines, newspapers, music sheets.

So many of the books that have shaped me came from this house—books by Thomas Merton, Wallace Stegner, Willa Cather.

House of words, trying to make the perfect play in Scrabble. Curiosity about all the words, what they mean. Change this letter, why is this here, how can I play a “Q” without a “U”?

House where 10:30 a.m. on a Sunday is the right time to crack a beer—church duties being fulfilled, of course.  House of nodding off for a nap while the piano is playing, and there’s a lovely voice singing a hymn.

A Midwestern home, to be sure. And though it's never been my mailing address, a house that, when I visit it, feels like coming home.

We Are the Ford. You Will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile.

I spent last weekend in Minnetonka, MN to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. My mom is the oldest of seven children, so there were many wonderful people to catch up with!

One perk (of many) of being part of such a large family is: we can gather enough people to make a good showing at an unofficial 5 K walk/run. So that's what we did!

Make it so, Number 1:

Newest addition to The Collective:

The trick to getting this many people in one frame involves pulling a neighbor out of their garage to be photographer, and having him stand on a hill:

I am cousin #1! But I guess I've graduated from the kids' table!

...But the kids' table is so very fun!

My best gal pal, and an excellent photo-bomb:

Not the first drummer in this household: