Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring Awakening

Creativity is all around me. It feels like the world is waking up after a long winter.

 I am making myself a quilt this time, and I love it already:

The release party for a journal that published a dear friend's poem:

 The kids are alright: They form rock bands and play at the talent show:

 Trying to walk for at least an hour every day brings me to some beautiful sights:

Roosevelt Park, Edison NJ

The Spring Lake boardwalk is one of my favorite places to walk and think:

...but it always comes back.

Work brings beautiful cultural celebrations into my life. Cinco de Mayo 2017:

And sometimes you gotta go to Medival Times:

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Buds and Protests are Blooming

Easter stroll with my sister.

Yesterday was Earth Day 2017, and the March for Science in Washington D.C. and throughout the US. I was on the clock for both jobs yesterday and couldn't march myself. I contributed by helping to make a fabric banner for a family of Marchers:

From planning to banner on a Friday night.

In the background of this political action, on the East Coast, spring has sprung. The last two weeks have been a joy to be outside for, and I am thankful that I live in Highland Park every day.

#NoFilter at the Manasquan Reservoir. It was just really humid on Friday!

Monday, April 17, 2017

We New Pronounce You Ham and Wife

When long-time friends get married after dating for 13+ years, lots of people joke, "It's about time!"

That's not what I thought, even one time, at some dear friends' celebration and reception last weekend. I thought: I knew these guys when we were kids. I feel lucky I still know them now.