Sunday, April 19, 2015


Yesterday was, in my estimation, the first Lemonade Day of 2015.

By that I mean: It was 80 degrees, the sun was strong, there was just a little breeze. It was HOT, and good to be outside. With a lemonade in hand, if possible.

It was the perfect day to visit Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ, to see the many cherry blossom trees in bloom.

The opening of the buds was marked with a Cherry Blossom Festival. So, street fair foods--LEMONADE!--and a petting zoo:

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Henry Hudson Trail, Monmouth County NJ

It was rainy and cloudy for four days in a row this week. When it melted away today, I felt like I'd never seen colors so bright. And that blue sky!

To celebrate, I set out on the Henry Hudson Trail--I walked three miles out and then three miles back to my car. I do have plans to tackle all 12 miles on foot this summer...

The trails cuts through residential/suburban NJ towns, so there is a jarring mix of wild scenes and people's backyards.