Monday, October 23, 2017

Season Change

The seasons changed but I was looking. In the last nine weeks I've taken a lot of pictures, but I wasn't posting quite as much. Now I can look back and watch late summer fade into autumn.

 Griggstown Grassland Preserve:

Along the Delaware & Raritan Canal:

Cleaning my apartment and getting un-crossed 

 New work priorities:


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Here for the booooo!-ze. Friday the 13th and festive.

What's more festive than a Friday the 13th that falls in October? Spooooooooky.

My two-year task of re-reading all of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles is almost complete! Here are the final three:

I did have to make it back home for a Halloween party the next day--a COSTUME party!

I give you: David Lee Roth.

Autumn in State College, PA

I saw a rainy forecast for the two days I was to spend in State College, PA. But it didn't matter! Seeing friends, hot coffee, used books, author talks, and spooooooky mountain views make for the perfect October getaway.

Along the way: Mellow Minded Cafe in Harrisburg

The first thing I did in town was attend this year's Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry awards for children's poetry. I got my copy of Garvey's Choice signed by Nikki Grimes and I cannot recommend this YA read enough!

A real address.

Best breakfast at Barranquero Cafe

Dial-a-poem at Webster's Bookstore Cafe:

A mystery inside a used book:

Leave me here:

Exploring quaint Lemont, PA:

We are SO! QUAINT!