Monday, September 12, 2016

September is Still Summer

I've got about 10 days of summer left and I am going to squeeze the life out of every one.

I made baba ganoush out of my parents' garden harvest twice in the last week. Roasted allllll of this:

And made a new round of kombucha. The SCOBY I received less than a year ago has split off into new cultures FIVE times. It grows and grows.

Friday was a beachy afternoon. It was certainly hot enough.

Brunch one: Ethiopian feast, and coffee:

And a top-down Sunday drive, also ended up somewhere beach-y (Red Bank Street Fair).

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Birthday Brunch Bonanza

Nothing like back-to-back birthday celebrations to keep a week interesting!

First, this last in Jersey City:

Then a Manhattan boozy brunch:

But first, a Day Of Fun a week before, at a Peach and Nectarine Festival at a farm... that was more about lemons:

I AM CORN. Nothing to do with nectarines. CORN.

 A lovely walk through Sayen Gardens:

And a Rutgers Gardens walk, mid-week:

Also midweek, it was the 100th birthday of National Parks in the U.S. I got to celebrate as part of my job at Sandy Hook:

Climbed the Lighthouse for the first time since 8th grade!

Harvest season has started in New Brunswick's community gardens:

PHEW. OK, now for this past weekend. Grove Street, Jersey City, for Lady BDay 1:

We didn't know it was Pride Fest in JC! But we jumped right into the dancing:

Fuel for dancing: a vegan FEAST:

Whoops also it was the VMAs: