Thursday, August 17, 2017

Crochet A Baby Blanket in 8 Steps!

 You too can invest in a pattern, put it off for half a decade, and then slowly but surely bring it to life!

Step One: Buy a pattern on Etsy in January 2012. Get wrapped up in other projects and put off learning to crochet. (I learned how to knit first, which I think was my downfall.)

Step Two: Have your (patient) mother attempt to teach you crochet once every six months for the next five years. Get frustrated and throw your yarn in a corner.

Step Three: Your patient mom learns the crochet pattern so she can lead you through it step by step. It only takes two weeks of hands-on demonstrations to get it down.

Step Four: You still can't read patterns so you write out your own interpretation of the pattern.


Step Six: Podcast and stitch. Podcast and stitch.

Step Seven: Put it all together in a way you just invented because you still cannot read that pattern and what YouTube is telling you to do is unintelligible.

Step Eight: OMG THIS BABY.

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