Sunday, October 14, 2012

Robots fight, needles knit!

Crazy weekend! I worked yesterday, but it was fun to help out at another office's robotics event. These kits also use Lego but are more advanced than the ones I work with--and they fight eachother.

All robots have the same basic design, though teams are allowed to customize. They also run the same program and have a motion sensor. They charge and ATTACK whatever is in front of them. The aim is to push the opposing team off the ring:

The kids were so into it! The matches were fun. We asked everyone to stay seated so everyone could see, but some kids were so excited that they jumped up or fell on the floor, completely without realizing it. They were cheering too hard.

I loved seeing their enthusiasm--though I had to push hard for some groups to work and a team.

I had today to myself, so I hosted a knitting party!

I haven't restocked on yarn since last season, so it was good to take inventory and see what I have. It's hard for me to teach others--I'm still learning myself. But I think some friends got hooked on knitting today!

I even baked a coffee cake for the occasion...

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