Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday Exploring

Some of my most vivid memories come from the time before I could drive. Life seemed at a slower pace then, and in the lack of a hurry I could really pay attention to little details.

Here's something an adult might miss--do you see the beginning of a trail in the next picture below? There's one behind the basketball court, though I was never allowed to walk it (because it would have me leave the park) as a kid. Sometimes I sneaked away with friends, though.

Yesterday, just being here brought back memories so vividly: of looking for different public benches and bleachers to sit an read The Bell Jar one summer. (ANGST!) Of hot days between high school grades where we came home smelling like hose water from so many water fights.

So I took the trail, for old time's sake.

It leads to a cemetery. I don't know why we were always to desperate to get here as kids. We'd just walk through, then leave.

This was such an uncanny sight:

New graves. New residents of the cemetery all the time. Life is short and it will definitely end. Hm.

(I blotted out the headstone names out of respect to the families.)

I did lighten up this weekend, too! Moved on from solitude and reflection and got social.

Got a sorta-work, but mostly social lunch at the Hummingbird Restaurant in Trenton. Delicious Jamaican food at a reasonable price? Count me in.

(It may be worth noting that there were no options for strict vegetarians--I got fish and chips, like I sometimes do. But if you really, truly don't eat animals... I hope you are happy with a huge order of plaintains.)

We are finally getting spring weather and it's done wonder for my mood. Time to whip up a huge bowl of guacamole for a co-op event!

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