Friday, April 19, 2013

Raised beds. Sore muscles.

You know that certain kind of tired you get after spending four and a half hours outside, using power tools? Riiiiiight?

If not, let's just say that there was absolutely no way I was leaving the house again after my workday was done. I have been in pajamas since 5 p.m. and I feel great about that fact.

It's community garden season! HOORAY!!

Today a team of community and Rutgers volunteers built eight raised beds for garden plots. It took all day and quite a bit of dirt and sweat, but it was worth it!

The church now has space for edible garden plots; it has some very lovely flower beds, but I don't think they ever yielded local produce before.

I can't believe I'd never been to Christ Church in New Brunswick before. The grounds are beautiful, and the buildings are filled with history.

The building has been standing since 1745!

Apparently the third (EVER) public reading of the Declaration of Independence happened here.

Today was my last day of AmeriCorps! The past year of my life flew by too quickly, but when I really think about it, I squeezed a lot of life into 12 months.

I feel so lucky that I make my living doing work I care deeply about, and I get to interact with smart and passionate people on a daily basis. My work situation is changing a bit, but I still get to do community work in New Brunswick, NJ. More details soon!

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