Monday, July 29, 2013

You live and so does poetry

Hi, I'm Laura, and I'm the brattiest birthday brat who ever lived.

I've written before about a friend who creates DIY art by putting poetry on postcards. I recently mailed her a contributor's copy of a journal I'd been published in. For my birthday, she sent me this message:

You live and so does poetry!! I didn't know what to do with your poems after you sent me the (collection). I was so honored. So for your birthday I put about 20 around town--and I plan to hit at least 27 (in your birthday honor.) They are on bulletin boards and in parks and on bathroom stalls.

"Kiss" is a trick when your lips only purse to form la palabra mas doloroso, when the earth dons its winter crust." -- Laura

Let poetry kiss you today Ms. Epp.

A guerilla poetry project? Featuring something I wrote?! That is probably the coolest present EVER. So if you're in New Orleans, look on community boards and in parks and public spaces for something by me!!

I truly do want to make this next year of my life a creative one. I spent my first day of this new year with the Central NJ Writers Group, eating delicious food, exchanging crits, and walking along the shore.

We saw our first monarch butterfly of the year. They're symbols of rebirth. It could not have been more appropriate that day.

I feel so, so lucky to have had this group in my life for the past year and a half. To many more years of writing!

And, generally, I've been spoiled by my family and friends over the past few days.

I woke up on my birthday and my parents told me they wanted to make a feast for my friends that night. And feast we did. I told folks not to do gifts, but people brought small, meaningful treasures that night. I ended the night with a small stash of things that showed what I love most--books, tea, delicious and organic foods.

Oh, and... Thanks to my family, I am now the proud owner of a Kindle Fire HD!

I will load it with SO MANY BOOKS!!!

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