Sunday, March 16, 2014

Experiments with Film

Yesterday a friend had a fingernail painting party, and I'd just stumbled upon a disposable Fujifilm camera. I gave it a whirl.

Unfortunately, about half of these didn't turn out. They look like this:

You can't see the saxophone in this pic, but it's pretty cool!

... ?

But some did and are fun!

Today a group of us took a 2-hour walk in the crisp, sunny morning... and it restored my faith in film.

Zombies emerging from winter.

I thought this shot of our reflection would NEVER turn out. But it did and I love it.

We thought the broken branches in a cemetery were profound.

Broken brick path in a cemetery.

Sprawling tree, so alive, but notice the gravestone in the bottom left corner.

Random natural arrangement.

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